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From the small business owner to the newcomer in a large marketing or PR department. Queenie User Inactive Registered: Doggie User Inactive Registered: It does not disturb me. Dazzle User Inactive Registered: It is remarkable, rather valuable answer. Skinny User Inactive Registered: You are mistaken. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM. Lucky User Inactive Registered: But they of course turned into a serious operation with a fine live attack and a fearless if overserious lead singer.

In time the group got its act together and produced some good songs amid the self-importance. Lead singer Stubbs had a titanic voice. Slightly indistinct but, as I said, hardy. Ann Wilson has quite a voice. They barely put out listenable albums. But they were there when the counterculture created itself and at the center of one of the most vibrant and influential scenes of the day, and provided, for good and ill, an appropriate soundtrack for the time, which the band saw up close and personal. Slick refused to come to the ceremony.

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A ferocious act at the time, with big-voiced Eric Burdon bellowing anthems of independence. The World Is a Ghetto was the best-selling album of Why are the nimrods of Journey in the hall and not those guys? A lot of bright hits, a groovy sound, much favored by folks like Steve Van Zandt. I think they have no depth. Then a guy from the Buggles joined.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Artists Ranked From Best to Worst

Barry Gibb was a fairly big star in the s, one of the biggest of the s, and a successful songwriter and occasional hitmaker for a decade or two after. We all love Joanie. She was the first folk superstar and had some nice hits. Still, we all love Joanie. A big, expansive blues-rock presence; more hits than you would expect. The argument for them is that they were responsible for the devolved! She was an able song interpreter on some obvious covers and once in a while did something unexpected.

A sturdy Motown act, which is saying something. They are fine, but also but another example of how the hall makes deep, deep dives into some genres at the expense of others. Simone was a distinctive talent who dealt with difficulties her entire life, some of them brought on by herself. Vincent was injured in the same car crash that killed Eddie Cochran in The rest of his career ranged from the uneven to the sad, and he died at Now, that said, one conversation I had puts some of the philosophical constructs the hall is facing into perspective.

I enjoyed talking to Jim Bessman, a longtime writer for Billboard and Variety , former member of the nominating committee, and current voting committee member. I asked him whom he had voted for that year. That to me is as rock and roll as you get. My point: Gore is arguable, but all I see in his list are five footnotes to the history of rock and roll, not hall of fame inductees. It reminded me that every critic of the hall has his or her own slate of artists, and that Bessman probably would think my list of oversights is a mess as well. In time I felt they had a point.

They were speaking after experiencing years, even decades, of an endless stream of people keening at them about the perceived oversights of the hall. Here are my top three must-avoids, in ascending order of horror. Geils Band. I was surprised to read that he had actually made the short list several times. One final thing. Once in a while, an artist disses the hall publicly.

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Radiohead had been particularly unsparing, and one past nominating committee member I spoke to said that he had heard secondhand that this had tamped a movement for them on the nominating committee. Does sniping at the hall affect nominations? I asked Wenner. Dion and the Belmonts had a lot of hits, and DiMucci himself has a winning personality. Some of his stuff is schmaltzy and a lot of it is somewhat deracinated covers of better black renditions. A sui generis blues boogie stomper, often slowed down to barbiturate levels.

I like Hooker, but why is his oddball shtick lauded while those of so many others ignored? The greatest purveyor of space pop-soul; every place it could go in the s EWF went, led by White. These guys were phenomenally successful for a few years, but the hits fell off pretty quick after the Beatles showed up. Like the Dave Clark Five, the result is enjoyable stompy pop, nothing more. A great American story! But then Geffen, which saw a valuable brand lying moribund, cleaned them up and, most importantly, hooked them up with outside songwriters.

With Desmond Child and Diane Warren! Bon Jovi. They might have been better served by the new Hall of Fame Single category. One of the first Hispanic rockers, too. He lived not-that-fast, died young, and left behind a decent greatest-hits album. These guys were weirdly bombastic and leader Jeff Lynne is an uncertain talent. A sweet-sounding quartet with an old soul in Mama Cass, soi disant royalty in John Phillips, and a secret weapon in Denny Doherty. More sentimental Boomer memories.

Another Rock and Roll Single candidate. Sometimes in unexpected places; you can find a Lane cover on the first Golden Smog album. Marriott went off to rock very hard in Humble Pie. Rod Stewart joined and the band went on as the Faces. Then Stewart got distracted by his solo career. Unquestionably talented and possessed of a sprightly voice, she was really a country-pop star who history has largely forgotten 48 weeks of the year.

Carole King is in with her songwriter husband, Gerry Goffin, but not as a solo artist — even though she recorded what was for a time probably the biggest-selling record of all time, Tapestry. Carly Simon deserves to be considered. But this is another example of the hall looking around for things to honor and avoiding bigger and more important questions, and closing off other sections of the tent in the process.

Again, the hall is digging down into the second tier of one genre while leaving out top-tier people in others. Compare that to the Hollies, who recorded 15 or 20 albums and had hits for more than a decade. This is a minor band. Van Halen was a big band with a very big, almost hysterical sound courtesy of guitar hero Eddie Van Halen attached to nothing much more than a cartoon of a lead singer.

Fair enough. But the idea of Hagar — who came in after the Van Halen brothers had had enough of Roth — having anything to do with a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame outside of sweeping the parking lot is comical in an entirely different way. Because of various drug problems and infighting, bassist Anthony and Hagar were the only two members who made it to the ceremony. Nicely done, boys! But he was on Atlantic. At their best they were too good to ignore, but for the record they should also be in the bozo hall of fame. Then they got disorganized. A real close call.

Note that Steven Adler, who played only on the first Gunners album, is in the hall, whereas the guy from Pearl Jam, who played on Vs. No one will be surprised to hear that Rose, after much drama, opted out of the ceremony via a pompously written legalese-filled billet-doux. These guys sold a lot of records in the s — the ultimate surf-rock band, marked by the killer guitar runs of Bob Bogle. This dreary band has been reflexively treated with respect for half a century. The hall should have a formula that deducts credit when a reputable band becomes a refutation of its former self.

Genesis devolved — into a trio of middle-aged frumps who mastered the art of playing fools for MTV kids in the s. At this point, it felt like the hall was just randomly feeding their nostalgia. All the malevolence and mayhem they wrote about was pretty toothless in the end. These days they show up at all the industry events, swaggering around and looking tough.

Like I said: Knuckleheads. Note the name Robert Trujillo above. He joined the band 10 or 15 years ago, long after any Metallica album worth remembering. I can understand the politics involved when a big act you want to induct and to bring paying fans to your big annual induction ceremony insists on including some unimportant latter-day member. But that just means that the hall should have been doubly careful to achieve consistency in other acts, like by including Gram Parsons with the Byrds.

I like the Springfield but were they really a major band? He had one convincing early album and several more convincing hard-rock-pop hits, or at least as convincing as a hard-rock-pop hit can be. He then even more convincingly played the part of a genial showman, disguising an infantile set of interests and an aesthetic incoherence exemplified both by his enthusiastic appearances on The Hollywood Squares and his longtime Phoenix restaurant, Cooperstown, a brightly lit sports bar … with a goth-rock overlay. A happy warrior and another openhearted soul singer. But there are literally dozens of more important artists who are not yet in the hall.

Yeah, I know she can play guitar, but again, rock and roll would not sound any different had she never recorded. These guys are fine. Doo-wop, a touch of blues, recorded for decades. But boy, there are only one or two better-than-okay songs in their kit bag and the lead singer is kind of anonymous.

He had a string of big albums and some hits, and gets lumped in a lot with people like Elton John and McCartney and Wonder, but is by far the least of them. Dumb enough to have lost all his money by not keeping his eye on his manager, and smart enough to keep giving fans the hits in big-ticket tours. This well-meaning, likeable, and in his own way humble artist is a perfect example of the double standard of the hall.

But still: How rock and roll is that? And again, I like him. Bob Seger has literally written a dozen songs better than anything Mellencamp has come up with, and rock would not be different if Mellencamp had never been born. Besides that, he was one of those guys like Prince and Stevie Wonder who wrote, performed, and produced his own albums.

He was a video innovator, too. Leader John Sebastian would later become — how to put this? Vaughan was an electric guitarist in both senses of the word and a major badass. He died too early, in a helicopter crash in Would the music be any different today if Stevie Ray had never lived?

A great man, serious guitarist, adamantine presence.

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He was British but also Greek, and just iconoclastic and talented enough to create a strong niche during the s, when the hits just kept on coming for him. This is another highly sentimental and nonthreatening Boomer inductee; Todd Rundgren, the New York Dolls, and Roxy Music, all of whom wrote better songs and were far more influential, were recording at the same time.

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They were inducted by Fall Out Boy, an honor in itself. My Chemical Romance apparently had a conflict. Then they grew up, respecting their elders and devising ever-more ambitious, if slightly boring, opuses.

Sonic Temple Is Coming In:

They are so mainstream now they have a hit Broadway show, and I think history is going to forget them. Answerable to nobody, as rectitudinous an artist as soft rock has produced. But this is another example of how the hall has been on the hunt for every last decent practitioner of some genres but not others. Is there music today that has been influenced by this act and not Joy Division and New Order? Still, there is drama and heartbreak here.

All you can do is throw up your hands. How is this a hall of fame act? But they quickly turned into herky-jerky pop hitmakers. To me it looks like another instance of a mediocre act with some celebrity lending its name to early hall ceremonies, to be later rewarded while other more important acts were left aside. Except for, you know, ABBA. Mike Bloomfield is forgotten now but he was the white American blues guitarist of his day; Butterfield was a hardy harp player. They were the American equivalent of the Stones and the Yardbirds, working a white blues on out; unlike them, however, the band never amounted to anything because they never recorded any great songs.

Still, back in the day Bloomfield was considered to be something of a tastemaker. Deep Purple had two, maybe two-and-a-half, good songs. Without it, what are they? Uriah Heep? And the band immediately lost all its interest after the departure of Blackmore. Laura Nyro, N. Also, there had been a persistent criticism that the hall had been unkind to progressive rock, and members of the nominating committee are said to have formed a subcommittee to work on getting the genre more representation.

This work, if it was successful, undoubtedly culminated in the induction of Yes, in , and seems to have gone a bit overboard the last two years, with Purple and the Moodies. These folks have been flooding the hall of late — more than 50 new members, only a handful of them anything like a household name, just in the past two years!

What could possibly go wrong? This induction is sort of a joke. His Dark Horse solo tour was a disaster, and his solo records were mediocre. The Concert for Bangladesh film is highly enjoyable to this day. This might be the first wholly cynical inductee. Pop of course has a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but not pop cartoons. And if you are going to have cartoons, why not the Monkees? Josie and the Pussy Cats? The real motivation here was giving the hall something to market to the Mamma Mia! In the event, only two members showed up to the ceremony.

What should the hall do about important punch lines? The hall has ignored disco, save for inducting Nile Rodgers in a side category and a few nominations for his band Chic. Few things in rock irritate me more than how these critically unacclaimed frat-boy funksters with a palpable contempt for women cleaned up their image and started sucking up to the rock Establishment. I know they can play their instruments; still a dink band. And with eight inductees! Of course one applauds the inclusiveness of this selection in an outfit that is too macho. But seriously: Jett never recorded a better-than-not-unlistenable album, much less a great one; her hits were covers; and live the Blackhearts were what?

One of the issues looking forward is that we will soon be upon 25 years since the dawn of the death of rock. But what major artist will come after him? We will see some major pop—hip-hop acts: Eminem, certainly. The Kanye West crowd, and Kanye himself, will not stop screeching until he is in. Wilco, yes … White Stripes, perhaps. But look at this list of future eligibles and tell me who will be the big stars being inducted ten years from now.

The Moody Blues were fine for what they were, and had quite a few hits above and beyond their ponderous, slow, numerous, and forgotten albums. The operation should just change its name to the Classic Rock Hall of Fame. Another Boomer nostalgia band getting the hall tongue bath to help push tickets to the Cleveland facility. Why the Moody Blues and not the Replacements or T.

The Jam or Kraftwerk? Gang of Four?

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Ian Hunter or Lucinda Williams? Fleetwood Mac was inducted way back in , so Nicks is already in the hall, which she deserves to be. Another band with two-and-a-half decent songs and many decades of pointless recording and touring. Today, they are not a rock band anymore, just a screechy PR operation in front and some guys who go through the motions of recording once in a while before going out on the road, which is where the money is. Marilyn Manson?

At the induction, Simmons and Stanley tried to make the argument that the nonentities they were playing with should go into the hall along with Frehley and Criss. They were turned down, but much as I hate to say it, they were right; if Pearl Jam and the Dead can call the shots about who gets in, why not Kiss? I suppose the real argument for Kiss is that they are a rock band for the forlorn and slightly confused, those for whom Black Sabbath was a little too scary, Judas Priest a little too complex.

It was an ongoing campaign. This is a popular art form. Vox populi. I voted for them. I take the point that both Peresman and Wenner made that the nominators work in good faith and the voting committee makes its decisions on its own. So appropriate the band was inducted by Rob Thomas. This is probably why, though they were by far the biggest American band of the s, they never made the cover of Rolling Stone.

Journey is the ultimate guilty-pleasure band. But a guilty pleasure by definition is when you like a song by a bad rock band. Journey were a third-generation prog-rock outfit—cum—not-so-supergroup, Pointless Division, populated by a bunch of comically dressed nimrods and sorta led by Gregg Rolie, who had actually done credible work in Santana.