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Come sempre un caso isolato fa scuola in Italia. Se la biglietteria non funzionasse in Svizzera sarebbe solo un piccolo incidente. Ma basta, siete solo dei piagnoni. Sarebbe utile per scuoterci… ma come vede, sig. Un italiano che lavora. Lucio writes because you have scared him. In Italy most of italians are afraid of the truth and having to assume responsibility for what they did. Unfortunately what Mr Orsi writes is true, from the first word to the last. Your article could shake us … but as you can see, Mr Orsi, for some italians it is better to deny than to change.

Non in italia, ci ho provato lo scorso settembre dopo sette anni che mancavo e non sono rimasto traumatizzato e. I hope that the many skillfull italians that are abroad will come back and do some good to the country. What is scary in my opinion is the ignorance that is spreading at all levels. We need a violent movement. Another italian whining about the decline of Italy. Another eurosceptic whose only solution is to blame the EU for every evil of this world. It should have pursued protectionistic policies, protecting its precious boarders against immigrants and international trade.

European states matter only if united. If Italy bankrupts like Greece did , the others will follow right after. It would be great if the historian providing this account could also be capable of outlining some solution. I would like this scholars to make the effort to highlight new possibilities. How can it be possible that nothing is moving in a different direction, that there are no sign of a different type? I apologize for my English, which is not very good. Italy looks a bit more complicated.

The basics are the same,though. I am sure that in this day and age the non-experts will have to start looking to themselves. That means self-education. Observers know how things have changed since the sixties,what has been happening,what has been said and written,who has benefitted,who has been disadvantaged,what has eventuated….. People need to open their eyes to what has been happening in the world,in Europe,in their country,and compare that with what has been said and written,and is being said and written.

Reconciling is essential,that is,sorting the self-serving nonsense from facts and decent options on offer. If people cannot start thinking for themselves there is no hope for them,unless they are hoping to go under as slaves-They will not be called slaves,of course. They will be called something else,and they will believe it. Amoral thought. Pingback: Siamo stati alla manifestazione per la casa del 31 ottobre a Roma Fabrizio Borgosano. I find it amazing that probably the most important reason for so many problems in Italy is the cost of housing, the home prices and the rents, and nobody mentions or notices this!

All of the money saved went into buying homes, is crystallized in the home prices and this forced the rents to be sky high and effectively truly blocked the economy for many years and will keep on blocking it until these prices go way, way down. A typical person in Rome or Milan can make 1, euros a month salary or 1,, a typical small 50 square meter flat rents for euros a month or more usually more , now please tell me, what kind of economy can be based on this? The economy will never recover or even survive under these conditions of home prices, but everyone will keep on protecting their past wealth in the form of high home prices unitl the prices suddenly collpaes to zero, just like Detroit.

And noticd no one wants to tax homes, they should be taxed one percent their market value, a , euro valued home in Rome or Milan should pay 3, euros a year of tax, finally the prices would collpase and maybe the economy could start going again. Completely agree. Electricity itself was about 12eur — rest taxes, additions, etc. In Latvia same would cost me around 10eur, finished my studies there and run out from Italy as quick as possible.

Still I dont understand how local people survive there. Waiting while their parents grandmas die and leave flat? Anyhow, for me it looks vicious circle to brake up first : housing-energy-taxes-corruption. After these solved — economy will build itself. I disagree. If you think housing is expensive in Italy, you should try living in London. You also give figures that are not adjusted for inflation, which in Italy in the 70s and 80s was high.

Housing is even cheap compared to other European countries. The problem is that wages are low. There are many other problems that should be mentioned before the cost of housing. Italians in America, Australia whom I have met , get emotional about their Italy, sense of national pride etc.. Because Italy is no longer a democracy. The Italian people have no direct voice in their government. Dear Prof. Kind regards.

There will be no miracle at all. A class of parasites is leading Italy since decades — politicians, bureaucrats, subsidised businessmen, and a lot common people just taking money they should not from welfare or useless state-funded jobs. And some Italian region, is already and officially discussing to keep a separatist referendum, like Slovenia more than 20 years ago. The idea that all the problems of Italy are rooted in the south is groundless and inconsistent. Separatism is becoming fashionable in EU but is a very dangerous temptation that would eventually determine the end of Europe.

Who reasons like this in the 21st century? Singapore looks to you weak and powerless? People from Luxembourg or Lichtestein are poor and exploited? Czechs are weaker now than when they were with the Slovaks? What about South Koreans, should they join the North just to be stronger? Besides, who gives a rat ass if Italy is strong or weak? The question here is what is best for the 60 millions people that are collectively known as italians. And, most importantly, what they perceive is their best interest, not the prescriptions of aspiring Napoleons.

If separatism is a principle it should be applied to any country…. Small countries work better not always because they are not many. What would happen if Europe would be made of or States like Singapore? The advantage of being a small Country would no longer exist, and we would only have hundreds of new borders, currencies, languages, and nationalism surfacing among the new micro-states…. My first post a few days ago was exactly about that, but I as a free-market anarchist think an Europe with hundreds of city-states to be much better than the current one dominated by nation-states although not yet perfect: I would prefer a complete agorist society with no State at all.

An Europe with hundreds of city-states, and with free movement of people, allows each one of us to choose the political system best suited. Also, I really believe this is the future: the old empires or the nation-states worked because agriculture used to be such an important part of global GDP. Extracting rents from the countryside i. Look, there is really no reason why, for example, relative westernized citizens of Instambul have to live in an islamic state based on the votes of more traditional people from the interior of Turkey, or why the very productive citizens of Sao Paolo have to subsidize corrupt politicians whose power base is in the North of Brasil.

I know that we have been raised thinking that the State, and especially the nation-state, is a necessary part of any society, but it is simply not true. Unfortunately in Europe we have not been exposed in school or generally during life to libertarian thinking, but there is a world of options out there outside the statism of the Left or the Right. Maybe you will enjoy the travel as much as I did. The author neglects to remember that Italians believe in miracles. Just as 60 years ago they got the Marshall Plan to boost them out of poverty, they are now looking to Google to do the same.

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Beppe Grillo take the reigns and steer us towards the clear. Love is all you need, all you need is Love, Love, Love, Love. In ten years time, Italy and the rest of the Mediterranean will be doing absolutely fine, with booming exports of luxury goods to the fast growing consumer class of Asia and Latin America. Germany will be an economic disaster, struggling with massive unemployment, a collapsed export base and an unsustainable welfare system, especially pensions.

France will be on its way to becoming the largest and most dynamic economy on the European continent. This should all be obvious to anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the history of financial crises, which are generally what happens at the end of a globalization cycle, of which there have been many before with global financial crises happening in the s, s, s, s, s , and which always hit deficit nations first, and always conclude with sovereign defaults or debt restructuring and the deficit nations going back to trend while the surplus nations get shafted.

In ten years Italy will much more likely have a NEW strongman, Italians are sheep which occasionally turn into ferocious beasts when the bread is not on the table. Of course I make no predictions regarding the possible state of European democracy, although I agree with the pessimistic outlook. It is very likely that Med nations will follow the lead of France and elect right-wing strong wo men who will put in place radically left wing economic programmes while bashing migrants.

Nationalist right wingers are the only ones left defending social democracy and the European welfare state, while supposedly social-democratic parties have bought into the neo-liberal drivel utterly and completely. Hopefully we have grown enough as European citizens to avoid going to war with each other again, and keep the replay of the s to a minimum. Then we can have another 50 years of sane economic management and shared prosperity, and start tackling the actual problems we face climate change rather than waging a moral crusade against public debt i.

And when another Thatcher or Reagan pops up, we can directly strung them from the lampposts and avoid another 30 wasted years. I wish I was born elsewhere, I have no hope left for my future. You can! I moved from Italy to Australia when I was 43, not easy but absolutely worth the sacrifices implied in such a choice. And if you choose a closer country distance is not even a problem.

ACCEPT featured on BURRN! Magazine OUT NOW!

Good luck! Italy could be already in a mess, but the article is too much catastrophic. The debt is made up of public and private debt, and if we sum both Italy is not in a bad position, indeed it results much better than that one of Japan, US, UK, France and Germany. The big mistake in the article is to consider Italy as an ordinary country, Italy has peculiarities and characteristics that set it apart from the rest of Europe, and has always been like this. Italy is Italy……. I live in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, one of the more successful regions, and factories and businesses are closing down every week by the dozen.

New businesses open up, and fail within a month or two because no one is spending, or has money to spend. I almost never watch the news over here, but this week I turned on TG1 and was amazed at just how clueless the politicians were in their latest amendment to the budget and the reporting that went on about it.

The problem is that Italy has had bad leadership for way too long. Berlusconi was the nail in the coffin, but they were bad before and bad even now. The fabricated world of self-centered illusion offered by Berlusconi really was the worst possible path for this country to go down, as petty much every other country recognized, yet we ended up down it the same; selfishness, narcissism, irresponsibility, dishonesty and fantasy won out at a time when reality was more needed than ever.

Italy is just fine, we are going through a terrible financial crisis, but Italy is doing just fine, it could have been much worse, none of us lost his house, none of our parents lost the pension, the debt growth is steady. Look at the debt of USA if you wanna be scared by the big numbers! And everybody was ok with that, not just politicians. You understand what I mean, do you? I think you do… And maybe those people were family friends, that we never reported to authorities for what they were: thieves!

Ask Zoppas why they sold one of the most successful italian companies to Swedish instead…. Abbiamo idee, capitale umano e tecnologie per farlo. Il Nuovo Rinascimento italiano deve partire da un nuovo approccio alla soluzione dei problemi mediante un disegno sistemico, integrato e transdisciplinare con una visione di lungo periodo. Le condizioni di partenza del Tardo Medievo in Italia non erano certo migliori di quelle che abbiamo oggi, ma i nostri antenati furono capaci con le loro idee di influenzare e cambiare il mondo. La situazione oggi si ripete.

Esistono ingenti capitali che aspettano solo di essere diretti da una visione strategica e non da interessi di breve periodo. Fontana L. FResearch Goldthwaite — Johns Hopkins University Press, p. Esistono solo gli italiani europei, homo sapiens.. E ne hanno piene le scatole delle indicazioni di sapienti e dottori. Trovatevi un fondo di private equity e convincetelo a mettere qualche decina di miliardi. Matt, generalization is always wrong. I am Italian; I live and work in London. I would say that your comment is simply superficial and arrogant…Let me check how many of my English colleagues speak another language or they know what Renaissance is…here we go:zero.

You are right, Simone! So few speak another language fluently! Pingback: Italia a picco senza ritorno? Not true.

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Scandinavian taxation level is higher. Corruption is almost non existent there. Stop spreading lies, Italian taxation level is a consequence of the widespread corruption, not the other way around. Italian people do NOT want any serious reform. We like to live in a dream… until it turns to nightmare. Hence, your hypothesis that the state is the cause of our situation is simply flawed.

Not logical. Well, the question is: how democratic is this technocratic way of thinking?

Accept - The Rise Of Chaos (, CD) | Discogs

A very comprehensive post, whose conclusion can hardly be countered. Yet, in my view, I see some points missing on the process of disbanding that led to the current situation. The drivers of the Italian decline are both endogenous and exogenous. What we have instead is fierce and almost law-less France and Germany have repeatedly breached the Maastricht parameters, with no sanctions competition, which inevitably requires all peripheral governments to bring about measures of internal devaluation of the real salaries less public expenditures, high taxes, etc….

To put it bluntly, the EU political economy is based on mercantilist and beggar-thy-neighbour flawed assumptions. The second exogenous driver stands in the current institutional governance of the EU, which in its own terms replicates what Orsi evidenced in the current Presidential drift of the Italian constitutional system. The EU suffers from a true crisis of democratic legitimacy even eminent constitutionalists claim it, J. What should be added is that throughout history these processes not only have proved untenable, but even socially and politically dangerous.

It strikes me with terror that all the possibile solutions taken into account by those who commented, imply following even bigger mistakes than this tired, dreamless Italy. I need to know. The welfare state, as introduced by Bismark in Germany and by FDR in the US, and currently the dominant model of the western world, kills any society, trasforming people in parassites.

It could survive only with very high barriers to free circulation of products, capital and people. With globalization, welfare states are being arbitrated, losing the productive members of the society. Only at that point, when the ultimate parassite, the State, dies, a new society can start to recreate itself. But do not despair, out of the ruins hundreds or thousands of city-states will be reborn and flourish, each with a specific political offer.

People will just choose the political system they prefer, and freedom will finally rein. I am not Italian, but have been living in this country 27 long years. All of which a slow and steady descent to hell. There is no redemption possible for this country. On the spot. It sounds like my own. Italian wife with aging parents who would never leave. This article seems to be a classic case of the typical Italian living abroad talking badly about his home country and contributing nothing back home. The fact that Italy has to face some severe social issues if it wants to come out of this crisis on its feet has nothing to do with the millions of tax paying people and entrepreneurs who do not feel like they have to flee the country to have a better life.

Wherever one travels there is a piece of Italy…. So instead to the constant complaints which you do not hear from any other nationality in the world we could all put our heads down and just try to fix the wonderful country we are from. Very nice such words — but who is supposed to do that? What may appear as a complaint is instead an exposing of factual circumstances that are causing the nationals of Italy despair as they are powerful as a force by number but powerless as put to a succumb. The Italian politicians have no interest in their country nor of its people and no matter who gets to the high chairs they all produce chaos.

They DO NOT care for the people but are in in for their own personal cause mostly with highly remunerated salaries and benefits. The tendency is to be selfish by a faulty gene? The system has allowed mafia to permeate everywhere, like a cancer including courts, the latter even in a condition of thirdworldalisation — to permit the corrupt to tinge and attain there too for personal interests rather than in the name of law and justice. Those who are representing at all levels the nation, are not only withou any civil code of conduct and with no shame and when found red-handed but they are the ones who are resisting that Italy brings the necessary changes.

As far as the demographic challenges are concerned, Italy is in the best position from a fiscal point of view, as the IMF repeatedly underlined: the pension system and the health system are generating much less contingent liabilities than anywhere else in the World. Italy has a primary surplus, has a strong export sector.

When I was studying in London, 25 years ago, there were a few pizzeria and only 2 places where you could drink italian coffee heatrow and bar italia , no icecream as far as I remember. If we had a functional government, we could leverage very easily on this soft-power. And we could leverage also on our hard-power. Italy is one of the few developed country where there is no foreign direct investment. Does it make any sense that in Turin we are unable to attract any investment from foreign car producers? You probably underestimate the importance of Berlusconi going out of the picture.

If you look at politics, now the leaders of the main parties have less than 50 years. Renzi has less than Apart from the US, can you see in Europe a political system that is transforming and modernizing itself at a faster pace? For sure, we need a Thatcher-moment but I see it coming, fast. I think Italy will start repatriating some of their export-based productive sector already next year. The Americans have started already, some of the richer Northern European countries as well. Monti should be hanged in public square!

Italy is in Vatican hands and Monti was just a servant of Vatican and banking system. His aim was to sell Italy to foreign investors at lowest price possible. The main problem is clericalism, and submission to the long lasting absolute monarchy of Vatican. This post is interesting, but we should remember that the author is not an economist, and I take with a large grain of salt much of what he wrote.

In addition, one of the links is to a news report from a study done by Confindustria that says Italy needs to grow? Of course it does. Why would a study done by them say anything else? Confindustria are certainly not going to go against their own interests. I would have preferred to see a more thorough analysis or, at least, some solutions to these problems rather than writing a eulogy. I think that academics need to be careful in how they present themselves in social media and be extremely carefully in how they present data. As academics and researchers, we should be careful that we do not become part of the problem as we seek to educate.

Pingback: Controinformazione versus disinformazione Simone Tulumello. I have lived for 13 years in Italy… all forms of government from the local Commune to the top level are the arch enemy of the very folks that could change Italy. Consider for example the health system run by Regions. We have one of the best health system in the world and probably the most cost-efficient. I do not agree on everything, but on the most. The core point is that the debt has to be decreased. In a situation where the GDP is in free fall, and on the short term, or thereabout one is left with the option of either cutting social service or increase taxation.

None of the party intend to act on this issue or one party on one, the other on the other and there is no agreement. The cancellation of the tax on the house, including luxury one, will only aggravate the situation. This search for apparent stability will bring to effective thermodynamic equilibrium, that is death of the Nation. I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel, indeed it might not be a tunnel but just an oceanic abyss and the point of no return is likely being crossed already.

Even harvesting and burning twigs in your own garden has become illegal. No matter what you do for the others, which action you take, you are surely doing something illegal. It is legally impossible to DO something. What a depressing article and what a depressing series of comments. Letta is a good and honest man who has a genuine desire to get to work on reform and with the long overdue demise of Berlusconi maybe, just maybe he will be able to concentrate on the job in hand and drive some genuine progress.

Excellent article although it seems to me that the author does not take in sufficient account the damage being done by over regulation always legislated in the most restrictive manner and a pervasive, intrusive and constantly growing bureaucracy. They think every country has its problems bad politics, corruption, unemployment, crisis etc and Italians just like to complain too much. Well, even if Italians do complain a lot, this is not the case. Italy is a country which is carrying on, the young generations are living on the savings of our parents who keep their babies at home until their late 30s , but that has no future, when those savings will end and net salaries are a joke comparing to the cost of living.

Our disastrous politicians are killing SMEs and ordinary employees with taxes in order to pay for projects which will be never completed, pay for public workers who will never work or they just create some more bureaucracy to continue existing , pay for services to migrants who will never pour any fiscal contribution, pay for 6-digits salaries of an enormous number of politicians who just need a chair to stick on, and my list could just go on and on.

Orsi just have a quick overview, not analyzing the thruth of the italian economy: the desertification is not merely due to the opening to the eastern economy. In Italy exept few company, privat industry and privat esctor were and somehow still is minimal in dimention and revenue, with no strategical overview and outlook. After the communist system had felt, there were no reason to keep such a strong public economy, but at the same time the privat sector was not able to take over. These are the true root of the actual situations. In my opinion, however, the first seed of destruction was planted in when the state negotiated with Mafia in order to end the slaughters.

Let alone the fact that 20 years ago we had already built up a huge public debt, but in that precise moment we lost the confidence in ourselves as our representatives hung its head to a ruthless criminal organization. After that and, obviously, Tangentopoli, Mr. Berlusconi took office and his TV empire started broadcasting non-sense shows to raise generations of zombies. The economic disaster is a consequence and it will get worse. A link to the English text is provided, but no sign or notice warns users who are unable or unwilling to read the original post that the translation is incomplete.

Are you aware of that? Both are preoccupied with universal ambitions somehow eschatological and increasingly anti-modernist which make the national perspective unviable to them. Yes, I noticed that too. There are several other minor, but not unimportant, mismatches. Thanks for pointing this out.

Indeed, the somehow rough translation posted by beppegrillo. I have no contact with Grillo and no involvement in his political movement. This LSE Blog is of course a non-profit activity and re-posting is also all right because the content is produced under a creative commons regime. Probably Grillo has thought that those omitted parts are politically inconvenient from his viewpoint.

Omission of parts is fine as well, although normally it should be indicated with […]. Thank you for your reply. I agree with you that more conspicuos editing interventions can be fine as well: I find nonetheless not fair for the reader omitting to put some typographical sign like […] as you suggested, or equivalent others in the translation or in the footnotes when relevant portions of the original text are omitted. This in particular, and with even stronger reason, if the omitted portions do not match the philosophical, religious and cultural beliefs, or the political goals of the re-publishing entity.

I totally agree with the article. It is the current and real situation of Italy. Hopeless, we reached the point of non return…. The dream of good old Aurelio Peccei is coming true. Globalized collectivism, techno-feudalism and bureaucratic rule — as opposed to national sovereignty and democracy — are already here and in many other western countries as well. Just look: we have a Communist serving as head of State; a United Nations bureaucrat as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies; a magistrate as president of the Senate; a Bilderberg associate as Prime minister; the CEO of the Italian central bank as Minister of the economy, and so on… Whose interests do you believe these guys are possibly promoting?

Pingback: Italia La globalizzazione selvaggia, il capitalismo fuori controllo, hanno creato un motore di impoverimento dei paese benestanti destinato ad accellerare quando verranno al pettine i problemi ambientali globali Fukushima, la desertificazione e la polluzione cinese. Ma ancora oggi, nessuno si preoccupa di programmare politiche in questa direzione.

Enduring Euro-metal champs are still restless and wild

Allora ci volle poi un millennio per ricreare condizioni minime di ricivilizzazione. E Oggi? Attratto da spunti interessanti leggo il tutto e mi si rileva una filippica triste e inconcludente. Penso che non sia difficile per i cervelli migrati, augurarci le stesse fortune, signor Giovanni….. Stati Uniti e altri paesi citati in commenti e articolo hanno addirittura dati peggiori Crescendo ho scoperto che chi ha aperto gli occhi in ritardo lo ha fatto mantenedoli comunque chiusi sul suo operato e ancora li tiene ben serrati.

Giovanni, il fatto che alcuni, o molti, vadano via, non significa che chi resta sia uno scervellato. Non dimentichiamo che molti degli artefici del Risorgimento passarono gran parte della loro vita in esilio. E si parva licet conponere magnis , anche molti fuorusciti del ventennio fascista costituirono poi la classe dirigente del dopoguerra. Mi piace ricordare poi reminiscenza dei miei studi classici il poeta greco Archiloco, il Cecco Angiolieri del VII secolo a.

I sadly agree… The decadence of Italy is there.. Italy is falling down at always lower levels.. This is also typical.. Bad times.. In Europe they ignore this state of things.. They think to take advantage.. Corruption is a terrible illness think of Africa!!! But we are uncivilized and racist.. In italian: the case of the ox who say horned to the donkey. In short Italy is a joke, but not a funny one any more. Keep up the good work everyone. La Repubblica o il Corriere della Sera? Coi principali artefici del disastro attuale come loro azionisti di riferimento? Scherza, nevvero? See you soon ladies and gentlemen.

Very sad truths.. Merkel for president is practical, doable and largely preferable to let anyone else in sight show us more of this shame… I left the country with top grades from a prime university as I could not find a job to pay the rent…. Do you realize Italian medias show shoes of drowned baby immigrants every day and NOBODY talks about chasing the criminals who brought them here?? Why does Italy need F35s if they do not know how to use them?

What are they doing with the radars of the military marine and aviation, looking for the Costa Concordia still, or the Itavia-jet near Ustica since the s?? Radetzky march!!! Was it? In a pre-westfalian order world status, yes, division exposed to aggression. A federal state formed by self-sustained provinces, such as Switzerland for example, would be better of than today.

The demographic and cultural conformation of Italy is really not that different than any other country in the world. Can anyone say Germany is a cohesive country with its north south and now east west cultural and economical differences? Great Britain which already recognized its diversity by adopting the name UK a collection of smaller, often disagreeing kingdoms? The US, made of people from all over the world? Brazil, with a plethora of ethnical, cultural, linguistic differences? China, divided by language, religion, ethnicity and economic rifts?

Syria anyone? No one country, no one region, no one city, no one family can describe itself as truly united and cohesive. The problem of Italy is indeed moral, cultural, strategic and pragmatic. This is why I left, 20 years ago. I saw it coming and I wanted nothing to do with such immorality. Pingback: TubeMy - La caduta. And that, dear sirs, is the issue. Italy, as such, never has been anything. Not in the Middle Ages, not in the Renaissance. Simply because, as such, Italy does not, nor ever did, exist.

And the very invention of Italy was a political manoeuver, based upon no solid demographic, economical or cultural elements whatsoever. Italians have nothing more in common than, say, a French and a German do.

Sonic- The Rise of Chaos- Episode 3

Let me be absolutely clear on this: there is no Italy. There is no shared sense of pride, culture, or anything. We are just a bunch of regions, with the most different and often radically opposite historical, cultural, linguistic, demographic backgrounds, that were forced to live together under one name. Just like Europe, but way more forcefully. And to command this cattleship, a series of central government that were no more than puppets and thieves at best, they knew there was no Italy, there was no future for the political construct, so they saw fit to grab as much as they could while they were in office.

Let me reiterate: there is no real Italy. There is no shared Italian culture, cuisine, history, geography, climate and what the hell, there is not even a generally accepted Italian language. Sardinia is not Italy. It has been for more or less ten; same as the left ex comunist. Anyway I can easly explain why Berlusca has been in charge for so logn: Berlusconi exists because the ex-comunists exist too.

And they are so pathetic and brainless to force the majority of the normal people to vote everything, even a monkey if the case. Only to prevent people with foolish and absurd ideas to be in charge. Then that party rotted away along with the puttaniere. Mine and yours included. When cultural models are disastrous for 35 years, then economic, industrial and investment decisions are a disaster as well. They just mechanically follow. So If somebody ask me if it has been the television and the cultural models in general the principal not the only one!

But the main one reason why Italy is currently in this state my answer is: YES without a doubt. I totally agree with you. I think. There really is no reason to consider the Italian regions as one single sovereign state: the fact that such a construct has been invented and imposed should not be grounds for further speculation, and the fact that said state has failed at everything since its invention, should be proof enough of its inadequacy. No other European country has racked up such an astonishing amount of fails under every possible respect: economy, wars, demographic, culture, instruction, corruption, and whatnot.

In my opinion, USI is a great idea. Every single Regions govern itselves, what did they do after Italian unification? USI should be already done in because it was and it is still the best thing to do. This is the truth. What do you think, we want a not united italy? I agree with you, Italy is just a name, but there is not a real sense of a nation, and that is perfectly natural if you see the history of our country, that is much much younger than every other western state of Europe… after all Italy is just years old!

Making a central and one state of the peninsula has been a real big mistake. Anyway something as a federal state for Italy, or a similar type of government, could be the only solution to come out of this chaos. But I strongly doubt that something like this will ever happen. Totally agree with you. I made every summer 1. Tuscany is totally different, such as Trentino or Sardinia or Liguria.

In sum, every Italian Region is totally different with the others. And i feel the differences.

Report an Issue

I hope that the Government with the open poll of Constitutional reforms could realize that the future of this country is one: United States of Italy. Every Region is able to govern itself, such as every City is able too. Sure, Italy is a large country with a lot of regional differences. But the same could be said for Germany, where the Bavarians are proud of not being Germans. Still, Germany is the leader nation in Europe and in the world. Not to mention the British.

This has led to a series of extremely incompetent and short-sighted governments which have spent public money extremely inefficiently, with consequent explosion of public debt. The only viable way forward for Italy is that the majority of Italians realize that only the pursuit of the public interest leads to a healthy and prosperous society.

Until then, the country will continue on its way to Greece. That enormous amount of money is taken away from the real economy to fuel the global financial speculation. Imagine what could be possible to do with that amount of publicly invested money. Why have we arrived to this situation of unbearable debt? The public banks owned the central bank, so their privatisation implied to the privatisation of the central bank. When the state owned banks, the public banks massively purchased public debt, keeping the interest rates low and virtually at zero cost.

If the public banks lend money to the state it is like moving your money from one pocket to the other. The debt is only virtual. With the privatization of banks the situation has changed, leading to the situation we face today.

Pantheon of Chaos 3 - Rise of the Beastmen

By coincidence, Germany has not privatised its public banking system, so it keeps on taking advantage of massively lending money to itself, thus keeping the public debt under control and not draining huge amounts of cash from the real economy towards the financial speculation. In Italy was definitively NOT a global economic or cultural superpower. Yes, the media made you guys believe so, but the foundation of the current social devastation were there already, growing, and nobody really cared. Has Italy never been federal? The federalism introcuded by Northen Lega is not a real federalism, is a fiscal federalism.

Real federalism is the USA model when every single Region has its own rules, its own laws, its own bureaucracy etc. Simply the regional politicians and bureaucrats shares the same mentality and habits of the central governments. Email Address. Euro Crisis in the Press. Skip to content. This entry was posted in Italy , Roberto Orsi and tagged austerity , brain drain , Corruption , mismanagement. Bookmark the permalink. March 6, at pm. Giuseppe Ruggieri says:. March 7, at pm. Frank Brown says:. March 9, at am.

Guido Cenciotti says:. April 24, at pm. Arrivederci Italia says:. February 25, at am. July 15, at am. Andrew Pritchard says:. October 15, at am. Marguerite M. October 9, at am. Now keep it constrained to Sundays and knock it off. Apply this success story to Italy and Italy will recover and thrive. Wake up now or wind up like us: hated and distrusted around the world. A dopo, Marguerite. Lando Orchestraglobola says:. March 10, at pm. Who wrote this misleading article.

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